Gibraltar General Info

Gibraltar Overview

Gibraltar is a British territory situated on the southern tip of Europe, bordering with Spain and at close proximity to Africa.

The official language in Gibraltar is English although Spanish is also widely spoken and the currency is the Gibraltar pound which has a 1:1 value with the British pound.

Gibraltar has a population of circa 30,000 and has its own Government, enabling it to decide its own taxes and boasts a modern International Financial Centre, whilst the UK is responsible for Gibraltar's defence, security and foreign affairs.

Gibraltar's roots date back to 1704 when it was captured by the English and Dutch allied forces and the territory was formally ceded by the Spanish Crown in perpetuity to the British Crown in 1713, under Article X of the Treaty of Utrecht.

Gibraltar eventually became a British overseas territory in 2002 under the British Overseas Territory Act 2002 and benefits from a unique infrastructure which enables companies to passport services into other EU states making Gibraltar an extremely interesting and attractive location for businesses to base their headquarters.

However, as a result of the recent Brexit results, The Hon. Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and Deputy Chief Minister, The Hon. Joseph Garcia, have been tirelessly working to pursue new avenues with the United Kingdom, to ensure that Gibraltar is in a position to offer attractive new options to local businesses in order to enable them to continue to passport services into the EU via a new framework.

  • 1704 Gibraltar captured by Anglo-Dutch force
  • 1713 Sovereignty handed to Britain in perpetuity via Treaty of Utrecht
  • 1940 Britain evacuates civilian population during second world war
  • 1967 Gibraltarians vote by 12,138 to 44 to stay British rather than Spanish
  • 1969 Spanish dictator Francisco Franco closes land border
  • 1982 Land border reopens only for pedestrians
  • 1985 Border fully opens for pedestrians and vehicles
  • 2002 Joint British-Spanish sovereignty rejected at referendum
  • 2006 New constitution for the British overseas territory
  • 2008 European court rules Gibraltar can set tax rates
  • 2016 Brexit. UK votes to leave the EU


Gibraltar benefits from a delightful temperate climate of pleasant winters, exquisite springs and shining summers, although the climate is considerably affected by the proximity of the Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans and is mainly governed by the Levanter and Poniente winds that blow through the Strait from an easterly or westerly direction.


During the summer months, Gibraltar enjoys dry and warm weather with the mean temperature in August being 24.3C and benefits from an average of 10.5 hours of sunshine per day.

Gibraltar is renowned for an occasional 'Levanter Cloud' which over hangs the city area at different periods during the year.


Winter can bring a variety of weather conditions from fine and sunny days to wet and cool weather, whilst rainfall can vary significantly with the mean temperature in January being 13.5C.



The Department of Education is under the control of the Director of Education, who has a duty to promote education in Gibraltar, to control and direct educational policy, to administer and inspect all schools and to ensure the due administration of the provisions of the relevant legislation.

All teacher training takes place in UK universities and colleges, and teachers must have a registration number issued by the Department for Education (UK).

Proof of residency in Gibraltar is required in order for children to receive free schooling and all issues concerning residency are dealt with by the Gibraltar Civil Status and Registration Office.

For the purpose of enrolling children at local schools and nurseries, the Department of Education requires that formal documentation is presented which confirms residency in Gibraltar. In addition, the childs birth certificate and a utility bill confirming the residency address will be requested. The Department of Education reserves the right to request additional information, where necessary, in order to complete the enrolment process.

Gibraltar currently offers the following schools:

Eight Primary Schools

  • Governor's Meadow School
  • Notre Dame First School and Nursery
  • St Bernard's First School and Nursery
  • St Joseph's First School and Nursery
  • St Mary's First School and Nursery
  • St Paul's First School and Nursery
  • St Christopher's First School (MOD)
  • Hebrew First School

Primary education is free, full time and compulsory for residents of Gibraltar between the ages of 4 and 7 year. The schools are co-educational and English is the language of instruction. Primary level is defined by National Curriculum legislation.

Six Middle Schools

  • Bishop Fitzgerald School
  • Sacred Heart Middle School
  • St Anne's Middle School
  • St Joseph's Middle School
  • St Christopher's Middle School (MOD)
  • Hebrew Middle School

Middle school education is free, full time and compulsory for residents of Gibraltar between the ages of 8 and 12 years. The schools are co-educational and English is the language of instruction. Middle school level is defined by National Curriculum legislation.

Two Comprehensive Schools

  • Bayside Comprehensive School (boys)
  • Westside Comprehensive School (girls)

Secondary education in these single-sex comprehensive schools is free, full time and compulsory for residents of Gibraltar between the ages of 12 and 15 years and is defined by National Curriculum legislation.

Special School

St Martin's School

St Martins School was opened in September 1976 and essentially caters for a wide range of special needs for children between the ages of 5+ and 16+.

New Schools

Government unveils plans for new schools

Government have announced a major project to transform education in Gibraltar and will be constructing two impressive co-education comprehensive schools in Waterport.

Moreover, St Annes and Notre Dame new schools will be situated in the North District, in addition to the new Gibraltar College.

Four further schools will undergo a complete refurbishment.

Contact Details

For further details of any of the above mentioned schools, please contact the Department of Education:

Tel + 350 200 78638


Gibraltar College

The Gibraltar College delivers academic, vocational and professional courses and is a major accreditation centre for UK's main Awarding Bodies and professional institutes including the co-ordination of Government NVQ/QCFs Diploma/Certificate levels in training programs for the public sector and is the specialist provider of excellence in continuing and further education for the post-16 age group, offering broad programs of study to prepare students for Higher Education, the world of work or to support professional development.

Contact Details

Gibraltar College

South Bastion, Line Wall Road
GX11 1AA

: +(350) 200 71048


University of Gibraltar

The University of Gibraltar opened its doors on the 21st September 2015 and is partnering with esteemed universities that are recognized globally for their academic excellence, ensuring a high-quality offering for students.

The campus is uniquely situated in Europa Point providing a bespoke learning environment at an iconic location and students are taught by local educators who understand our context and needs, as well as by highly experienced academics drawn from different universities across the world. Moreover, the University brokers placements, international exchanges and experiences that will prepare the graduates for the future and provide a competitive edge in the employment market.

The academic tuition and student support systems have been designed to ensure that graduates receive awards that meet international standards and are tailored to personal ambitions and career paths.

Contact Details

The University of Gibraltar

Europa Point Campus
GX11 1AA

(+350) 200 71000


Independent Schools

Loreto Convent School (co-ed, all ages)

Loreto Convent School, Gibraltar is a co-educational independent junior school catering for over 450 boys and girls from nursery to 12 years, preparing them for the local comprehensive schools and for entrance examinations to schools in Britain. Loreto Convent is a Catholic School welcoming children of all faiths.

Contact: For information and admissions, please contact
Mrs Poppy Cruz,
Tel: 00 350 200 75781.

Prior Park School (co-ed, all ages), part of Prior Park College

Prior Park is Gibraltar's first independent, co-educational, Catholic/Christian day school for children aged 12-18. The school is set on the former Sacred Heart campus and follows the English exam system of GCSE and A level.

Contact: For information and admissions, please contact
Molly Shatwell, School Administrator
Tel: 00 350 200 62006.


Gibraltar enjoys numerous cultural events such as exhibitions, concerts and plays which are organized by various entities through the year.

MTV Gibraltar Calling Music Festival

The Gibraltar Music Festival is an annual event attracting top international artists and organized by the Government of Gibraltar as part of the celebrations running up to Gibraltar National Day on 10th September.

The festival is held over two days and for the first time, the international music brand MTV headed to the Rock in 2017 and created a new global event for Gibraltar. The MTV Presents Gibraltar Calling Music Festival has been acclaimed as a top international annual musical event and is enthusiastically attended by top artists and music lovers from all over the world.

Make sure you don't miss out on this awesome musical event which will take place on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd September 2018. See you there!


Gibraltar is a peninsula and boasts six beaches around its shoreline.

Sandy Bay, Eastern Beach, the picturesque village of Catalan Bay are sandy beaches by the Mediterranean Sea.

Western Beach and the two rocky lidos, namely Camp Bay and Little Bay, are situated on the western side of Gibraltar.


The Gibraltar International Airport sits proudly by the border with Spain and offers a high standard of service, hospitality, excellent facilities and a selection of duty-free shops and operates flights to Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, Bristol, Tangier and Casablanca.

Contact Details

For flight information please contact:

Gibraltar International Airport

Tel +350 200 12345



Millions of tourists visit Gibraltar every year and the vast majority will end up in Main Street, Gibraltar's main shopping area boasting top international high street brands and chains, gracefully situated between other attractive retail units.

In the bustling City Centre, you will find an array of retail shops specializing in cosmetics, perfumery, luxury designer clothing, handbags, shoes, sun glasses and jewellery. There is also a superb selection of sportswear, souvenirs, electronics, spirits and tobacco; in addition to the unique Gibraltar crystal factory.


Gibraltar offers a fine selection of restaurants ideally situated within the peaceful and quaint setting of Queensway Quay Marina or the attractive Ocean Village Marina that transforms in the evening into a lively ambiance with bustling bars and restaurants until the early hours.

Casemates Square situated by the entrance to Main Street also offers a magnificent selection of cafeterias and restaurants where you will be able to sit back and sample the vast choice of fine cuisine, whilst enjoying the fabulous Mediterranean weather that Gibraltar has to offer.

All along Main Street and Irish Town you will come across a vast selection of bars and restaurants catering for all tastes.

Sports & Leisure

Gibraltar's resident population is highly active in sport and standards are rather high. Gibraltar's membership in both UEFA and FIFA has boosted local football to a professional level and several Gibraltar sports associations that have gained official recognition from international governing bodies, with various others being considered for recognition.

You will find that football, hockey, rugby, basketball, netball, squash and gymnastics are extremely popular locally, whilst water sports also rank highly in Gibraltar with sailing opportunities available at all three marinas, with the Royal Gibraltar Yacht Club featuring exciting and popular regattas. Furthermore, yachts can be chartered and sailing classes and courses are offered and as there are circa thirty shipwrecks lying under local waters, diving is also extremely popular.

Golfers on the other hand have a vast selection of superb golf courses just across the border in Alcaidesa, Sotogrande and Marbella.